The WRITE Time

We often cite time constraints as a reason for avoiding a particular activity. It’s so much easier to say, “I don’t have time” than to admit to someone else that they simply aren’t a priority. We even make excuses to ourselves, putting off things we say are important to us because there just isn’t time for them.The truth for most of us, however, is that time is 100% in our control. We may have commitments to keep, such as to a spouse or child or job, but those commitments were our choices […]


In the Spotlight

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you find yourself in a public place without pants? The human reaction to embarrassment can be quite strong, and dreams like this are often simply the subconscious mind’s way of working through those fears.Sometimes sharing our creative work can make us feel similarly vulnerable and afraid. What if no one likes it? What if it’s completely ignored?As a writer, it’s critical to know when to share your creative work. In the early stages before the p […]

To Free or Not to Free

To free or not to free, that is the question every author must ask when releasing a new book. There are some very good things about setting your price to $0. For example:It can give you access to a wider audience. This is especially helpful for new authors.If you have a series of books, giving away the first for free could entice buyers to pay for the rest.You can set your price to $0 as part of a limited time promotion to excite interest.There are also some disadvantages to giving away y […]

You Call Yourself a Writer?!

Everyone has a different idea about what it means to be a writer. For those with high standards, you can only start calling yourself a writer after your first best-selling book is made into a movie. For others, nothing short of being published through Harper Collins or Simon & Schuster will do.So when do you get to start calling yourself a writer?In my opinion, there is only one qualification: you just need to write. You can write poems, diary entries, web site copy, emails, short sto […]

The Courage to Begin

Toddlers wobble, children draw stick figures, young writers begin by learning the alphabet, and aspiring chefs start by learning how to make toast. Every expert had to start somewhere. Every pro was once an amateur. It’s not what we’re born with that counts. It’s what we do with our time and talent that matters. So why is comparison so common in creative circles? My writing doesn’t compare to Stephen King’s, so why bother? My painting could never top Van Gogh’s, so what’s the point? We accept