Selling the Books You Write

As a self-published author, you are doing much more than writing. You’re designing, marketing, managing, and driving the entire process from start to finish. You are bringing ideas to life, giving them tangible form.When I first started writing, very few of my books were purchased or read. I wasn’t sure if this was because I had a poor product or because no one knew about it. Perhaps it was a little of both, but over time I learned that there is no artificial line drawn between marketing […]


Taking Risks

Being a writer involves risk. Not the kind of physical risk that adrenaline-junkies seek, but emotional risk. Every time you publish a book or blog or social media post, you’re opening yourself up for criticism. The temptation, sometimes, is to follow a prescribed and socially acceptable path. If you simply parrot what everyone else is saying, perhaps criticism will be minimal. But if your writing isn’t authentic, or if you’re holding back, perhaps it’s too high a price to pay to avoid a […]

The Allure of a Good Book

A good book is like a good friend, offering both joy and escape. There’s nothing quite look a powerful story to invigorate the soul.I am, some might say, a bit obsessed with books. I love the way they look, feel and smell. I can actually tell if a used book has spent time in a humid climate. I love to read them, hold them, own them, be renewed by them. It’s a love affair that started almost as soon as I learned to read.I love good e-books, too, for their convenience and content. I have a […]

Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

Ideas are the raw materials writers use to form stories and narratives. They are the fuel from which creative magic is made. But where do ideas come from, and what can you do when they dry up?In my experience, ideas come to us when we are looking for them and willing to act on them. The world is FILLED with ideas. All we need to do is open our eyes.When our stream of ideas dries up, it may be that we simply aren’t getting enough input. The solution to this problem is both simple and enjoy […]