Your Idea Factory

You are an idea factory, turning raw materials into finished books through the power of your mind and hands. In order to successfully create, it’s important to keep every aspect of this process functioning smoothly.Every factory, and every writer, needs raw materials to work with. These raw materials are inputs to the creative process, and without them everything eventually slows to a complete stop. Your raw materials might include communing with nature, going to concerts and art museums […]


A Successful Book Launch

Successful book launches begin long before a book is released. They start in the conception process, when the idea first arrives. Authors who ask questions about the identity and needs of their audience BEFORE beginning to write are more likely to craft a message that resonates with readers.During the writing process, social media can be used to generate excitement for your book in progress. It may feel a bit uncomfortable to talk about something that isn’t yet complete, but a side-effect […]

Prime the Pump

I noticed while in the process of writing my most recent book that I sometimes need a little warm-up before I can do my best work, so I started writing a little throw-away piece each day that allowed me to “prime the pump” and enhance the quality of my prose.This process of priming the pump had many positive side-effects. It gave me a sense of freedom that I don’t usually have when I’m in the middle of a project. I could write about any topic, say anything I wanted, and there was absolute […]

Write Better Characters

Good fiction writers possess the ability to create believable characters with depth and dimension who develop throughout a story. This requires a thorough understanding of human behavior.To write better characters, carefully observe your own behavior and the behavior of friends and family members. Make an effort to capture the richness of your experience in your writing. Imagine what might cause someone to commit a crime, contemplate suicide, join the peace corps or compose a symphony.Wri […]